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The SS Commander explains to the group what they are up against and offers them a small sailboat to make their escape, but as we already know, there will only be one survivor of this ordeal. . It's like director Young and producers Jonathan Sachar and Patrick Durham (who both appear as members of the Rovers) just got done watching the terrible SOV pseudo-documentary splatter: THE archite OF fear (1986) and decided to remake the film-within-the-film that. Sharon makes a shocking discovery in the bowels of the base (a queen knulle film singel sammen homoseksuell zombie spitting out babies like Pez and a giant brain controlling it all!) and uses her trusty flame-thrower to destroy it all. . The film opens with a crowd of people gathered around a gravesite in a cemetery, as a casket is being lowered into the ground. Darminah and her satanic meat puppets. The scientist wants to keep his mistake a secret, so he hires the two fat boys to bring the creature back alive. David Kruipen (Kilmer) and his staff are studying the plight of the polar bear in the Canadian Arctic, when they make a stunning discovery: a perfectly preserved wooly mammoth in the ice. This escort homo kiel chat boring horror film, directed and co-written by Steven-Charles Jaffe (better known for scripting and producing motel hell 1980 and producing near dark 1987 and THE FLY II 1989 is really a mess of a film. Only Juan Piquer Simon ( endless descent - 1989; cthulhu mansion - 1990) could take a storyline so ridiculous (screenplay by Ron Gantman, based on Shaun Hutson's novel "Slugs and make it so bloody entertaining.